A fantastic camp is over. Has been a great week with a lot of good training. I have had most focus in the hill, and worked with the technical. That has given me positiv results, and I look forward to continue the work in Val De Fiemme.

Have also been sick for sevene days, and jused antibiotics to get well. Have prioriticed a lot of rest, and I have let my body takend it`s time to get well.

I have been skiing the last days, pluss conducted a hard session. That feelt promising 🙂



My plan for the next days:

Sun: Traveling day to Val de Fiemme. Easy run in the evening.

Mon: Easy skiing, pluss technic focus jumping.

Tue: Official traing jumpinghill, pluss 10km distance.

Wed: Easy day, lot of time in the bed. Technicfocus jumping in the evening.

Thu: Official training jumpinghill, pluss some skitesting.


Program VM:

Fri 22 feb Ind Gundersen 10km/HS106

Prøveomg: kl.09.00

Hopprenn: kl.10.00

Langrenn: kl.15.00


Sat 24 feb Teamcomp 4x5km/HS106

Prøveomg: kl 09.00

Hopprenn: kl 10.00

Langrenn: kl 15.00


Thu 28 feb Ind Gundersen 10km/HS134

Prøveomg: kl.09.00

Hopprenn: kl.10.00

Langrenn: kl.15.30


Sat 2 mars Team-Sprint/HS134

Prøveomg: kl.09.00

Hopprenn: kl.10.00

Langrenn: kl.15.00



Team MOAN is ready for VDF