Smile for the photographer:)




Stretching out before the jumpingpart


93m and second place!


Henrik was also satisfied:)


4 sec to catch up

IMG_4077 IMG_4080

A good day at work



New day, new opportunities


Not quite, 94m and 6th place


Last hill coming up!



The national team meet for it`s fifht camp this season in Trondheim. The focus was on jumping and easy training at the beginning of the week. We were also trainers for the recruits (5 years and up)  a couple of days. The camp was ended with two competitions saterday and sunday.

Positive day for me on saterday, where I won the comp with 41 sec to Graabak and Krog at third. Satisfied with my jumpingpart, I managed to deliver a better jump in the comp then I have done on training earlier this summer!

Started 4 sec behind Klemetsen in the skiingpart and I desided to “take it easy” the first round. Feelt I had a good day, and that my body responed on what I wanted to do. Especially satisfied with my three last rounds. My time was 19.34min

Sunday it was time for some more jumping, but today you could see that my jumping true the summer hasn`t been on that level as I wanted, and I deliverd  a bad jump. Was 6th after jumping. Due to my achilles and the pain I have, I rollerskiied from Ila to Skistua insted of taking part in the runningcomp.

The conditions on sunday was rain, and it was challenging to rollerski. Nevertheless I was only 3 sec behind my personal best up to Skistua, and I was skiing alone all the way. Time was 29.08min

Winner of sundays comp was Graabak infront of  Schmid and Krog.

Conclusion after the camp and the competitions is that I have still a job to do in the hill, I have to work better in training so I can deliver better jumps in comp. The skiing part looks better then it`s done for a while, but I`m in a hard trainingperiod so it`s gonna be exciting to see how the SGP is gonna be.