A great feeling

02.01.2004 my life changed after my first World Cup victory in Reit Im Winkel. It was a strange, but great feeling. I beat Samppa Lajunen from Finland, who won three gold medals in the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002.

I knew then that I could be one of the best athletes in Nordic Combined, and I have had many good results after that, including 21 victories. All in all I’ve been 43 times on the World Cup podium, and have been among the top three 4 times.

I also have 9 medals from World Championships and Olympics Games.

26th of August 1983

26th of August 1983 I was born in Lillehammer to Torhild Hovdal Moan and Svein Moan. I weighed 4060g and was 52cm long. I have two sisters who are seven and five years older than me. We moved to Trondheim when I was two years old.

Privilege of growing up

I had the privilege of growing up surrounded by a loving and supporting family, having the freedom and opportunities to do almost everything I wanted. I loved being outside and do all sorts of outdoor activities. And I tried everything, from soccer, biking, running, and alpine-skiing, to cross-country skiing and ski jumping.

One evening in February 1988

My parents have been very important for me throughout my career. They both have jobs that require a lot from them, both in terms of time and energy. But they always had time to be there for my two sisters and me. They have always been on my side and supported me, and that has been essential for my career.
It was especially one activity that I thought was more fun then the other`s, and it was my father who introduced me to it, namely ski jumping. One evening in February 1988, when I was only five years old, he took me to the ski-jumping arena Granaasen in Trondheim to try ski jumping. I remember I stood on my first jump, and after that I was sold. So my career started in a small hill, not bigger that K-8.

The choice was easy

When I was 16 years old I had to make a choice about which sport activity to focus on. It stood between Soccer and Nordic combined. The choice was easy, and I haven’t looked back since…
In 2004 I won two Norwegian championships (Bardu), and became part of the National Nordic Combined team that same year. I’ve been on the National Team since, with the exception of one season! (But that’s another story)

In 2005 I was ready for my first big challenge: the World Championship in Oberstdorf.
It was a lot of fun, with more than 50.000 spectators, which made for a really good atmosphere
I was jumping better then ever, and was enjoying every bit of the championship. I came home with one gold medal (team) and one silver medal (sprint). That was the first in a series of several championships, but I have yet to win an individual gold medal.

Granaasen Skiteam

When I decided to pursue a sports career in Nordic Combined, I became part of the training group Granaasen Skiteam (GST) in Trondheim. My first meeting with GST was as early as 1997, and it became my second family. I am very lucky to be able to train and compete with the many ambitious and promising skiers who are part of GST.

The love of my life

In 2003 I bought my own flat, and that same year I met the love of my life, Irene. After a while we moved in together, and in April 2010 I experienced the greatest day in my life: I became father for the first time to a beautiful boy. I have done some great things in career, but this was one hundred times bigger.
It didn`t stop there, in 2011 we decided to get married, and today I have a beautiful wife, a great kid and a family that makes it possible for me to stay on top of the Nordic Combined game.

To be continued…